Currently, I am teaching a seminar on John Rawls at the Philosophy Department at Freie Universität Berlin. Previously, I have taught a seminar in legal philosophy, and have been a teaching assistant in modern political theory and philosophy of science, all at the Politics Department of Freie Universität.




I occasionally translate academic papers from English to German. Recently, I have translated Lon Fuller's article "Legal Positivism and the Fidelity to Law" for a volume with Suhrkamp, edited by Felix Koch, Amir Mohseni, and David Schweikart. The name of the volume is "Analytische Rechtsphilosophie" and it is due to come out in 2018. I have also translated Les Green's "Positivism and the Inseparability of Law and Morals" for the same volume.  


The Philosophy of Social Democracy

Together with a group of social democratic friends we have started to organise discussion rounds on the philosophy of social democracy. Past events were a roundtable where philosophers met politicians, and a public discussion of values and politics with Christoph Möllers, Rahel Jaeggi and Ralf Stegner. In July 2017 we had a roundtable discussion at Progressives Zentrum about the government's current measures to fight the causes of flight, and whether political philosophy can be of any help in evaluating these measures. On May 28, 2018, there will be a discussion with Lars Klingbeil and Lisa Herzog under the title "What's Left?" in the Roter Salon in Berlin. 


KIRON Higher Education

KIRON is a social start-up that provides access to higher education to refugees. They have created a number of study courses using a mix of MOOCs (like Saylor) and tutorials  that lets students who haven't received their immigration status collect credit points towards a degree. Once their immigration status is clear, they can then enrol in one of KIRON's partner universities to finish their degree - the credit points they already earned with KIRON will count towards their course of study. I think this is a great idea and I've been volunteering for them since 2016. I am responsible for the mandatory tutorials in political science, and I am using google classroom to teach political science and political theory to KIRON students all around the world. If you're interested in volunteering or want to learn more about KIRON, click this link

Me and two other colleagues started a reading group in Berlin. We finished 'Political Liberalism' in summer, and will now pause the reading group until next spring. If you would like to participate for the next book (we have not chosen one yet) get in touch!

Reading Group