Soziale Kooperation und die Geltung von Grundrechtsansprüchen

Answerability to Crime and Disagreement about Punishment

Social Cooperation and Basic Animal Rights

Is there a Problem with Universal Jurisdiction?

  • AG Philosophie der Internationalen Politik, Freie Universität Berlin 02/2017
  • Kolloquientreffen der Kolloquien Forst, Gosepath, Quante und Willaschek, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt 12/2016

Locke and the Natural Executive Right

  • WIP Meetings, Columbia University 04/2016

  • Workshop International Legitimacy and Law, Centre for Advanced Study, Bad Homburg 06/2015

Legitimacy, Authority, and International Criminal Law

  • Political Philosophy Colloquium (Stefan Gosepath) 01/2015
  • Joint Political Theory Workshop (Peter Niesen and Bernd Ladwig) 01/2015

International Criminal Law as a Liberty Right?

  • ECPR General Conference (Kant and Kantianism Section), Glasgow 09/2014

Rawls' Law of Peoples: Social Cooperation and Peoples as Moral Agents 

  • Political Theory Colloquium (Bernd Ladwig) 07/2014

Rawls' Conception of Human Rights - can it be saved?

  • Yale Law School Doctoral Conference 12/2012

Solidarity and International Law