My current project examines the connection between social cooperation and basic rights. The main idea is that basic rights are necessary conditions for (stable) social cooperation. I have written a paper on social cooperation and basic animal rights, but I hope that this approach is useful for explaining the rights of humans, too. 

I am pursuing this project at the Chair of Legal and Constitutional Studies at TU Dresden, where Sabine Müller-Mall is my advisor. My position is funded by Germany's Excellence Initiative and I am part of the OTPP program at Dresden. 

In my dissertation project, I developed an argument for the legitimacy of international criminal law institutions. My dissertation was supervised by Bernd Ladwig (Freie Universität Berlin), and I was a doctoral student of the Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies during the first three years. I then spent a year at the Politics Department at Columbia University, where I was invited by Turkuler Isiksel (and where I did the majority of the writing!).